Jonathan Ridley

Psychoanalysis & Psychotherapy

I am a psychoanalytic psychotherapist working in Central London, a short walk from Southwark, Waterloo, and London Bridge Stations.




Psychoanalysis is a particular type of talking therapy which values the singularity of each individual. Through an in-depth and detailed elaboration of one's experience, it offers a unique opportunity to confront the specific nature of one's suffering. This process is not always easy, however it can lead to the alleviation of difficult symptoms, changes in interpersonal relationships, or even a radical reorientation of one's life.

Clinical Experience

In my practice I have experience of seeing people for a wide range of reasons. These include those seeking to explore questions of love, sexuality, the body, relationships, family, and identity. I also see people experiencing depression, anxiety, psychosis, addictions, compulsive thoughts and behaviour, and eating disorders.

Beyond my work in private practice I have experience working as an honorary psychotherapist at the Guild of Psychotherapists low fee clinic and with the Psychosis Therapy Project.


I offer open-ended and short term work, and am happy to meet weekly or at a higher frequency. Sessions vary slightly in duration but will usually last around 40-50 minutes.

The fee is variable and depends on each individual circumstance. This is something we will agree together however it will likely fall between £40 and £80 per session.

Sessions cancelled with less than 48 hours notice are due in full however where possible I will try to reschedule.